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If you are looking for something with a marble look then your choice will be a metallic. Metallics is one of the most popular systems that we carry for offices, bars, restaurants, bathrooms, countertops, stores, and showrooms. You can always go with a metallic if you are looking to display your sports car in your home. We have several colors that you can choose from. First, you will start off with the base color of your choice plus the highlighters.


It comes with 100% solid epoxy full broadcast flakes and a clear coat non slip uv resistance. It’s durable, lasts longer, easy to clean and impact resistance. It can be installed indoor or outdoors.


100% solid epoxy with a clear coat. Non slip, uv resistance and impact resistance. These types of floor are ideal for heavy traffic, warehouses and offices. It can’t be installed outdoors we will only apply them indoors.


100% solid epoxy, non slip, uv and impact resistance.  The great thing about this types of floors is that they are easy to clean. You will not have to worry about spills penetrating or staining your floor.

For industrial coatings and more please contact Garage Epoxy Floors. We are available to drop by if you need someone to come and look at your floor.  We will provide you with additional information and answer any of your questions.

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We have acetone stain for concrete. They come in multiple colors. UV stable, non slip and can be applied indoor as well as outdoors. Fast dry! You will be able to use your floor on the same day. We will add a clear coat on it.